- Since 1987 -

Per Erik - To eternity and further


Brewed and grown with many experiences in nature. He was a wrestler on the national team in his teens. He studied in Trondheim and Alicante.

His hometown

Is a nice place on the Norwegian coast. Where the mountains meets the ocean.  Fishing and mountain hiking on the same day? why not?

Blue/white collar

He works as a blue collar currently, but he has skills in both. He curently uses his wrestling skills to wrestle wires for the oil industry.

This site

This site is dedicated to all Per Erik related stuff. He apreaciates everyone that follows him. 

I have a youtube channel

I intend to create a collection of interesting things on my youtube account. I have posted some gameplay and some hyperlapses. But more is to come.

I also wan't to make more funny content. Click the link and go to a playlist of all my videos even some that are unlisted.

Current Projects

My blog

I used to blog a long time ago and it helped me a lot. I don't mind it being public because the feedback i get is more important then the uncomfort. I wish i didn't delete my old one.

My book

I'm writing a book. It's based on some of my old blog articles and memories of my life. It's both terputic and I have a lot to process. It will be in Norwegian first. Some parts will seap into English sooner or later.

Video content

I wish to get into vloging and making video content as well. Not only because it's fun and interesting, but it wil also suplement my bloging experience. Another thing is that it wil hopefully help with my social anxieties.

Web design

I think tech is fun and interesting. Maybe one day I will run a small it company or similar. For now I use it for my own personal blog. If you have a social media precense, I'm willing to help you set up a similar page for a shout out or something. Lets negotiate.

Swimming coach

I teach kids how to swim once or twice a week. I do this to give back to the comunity. Also I belive it's important that the kids have some fun in their lives. Now that school have become so important kids don't have much time to let loose.

blue collar work

I spend much of my days at work. It's very hard work and I'm looking for differnt work at the moment. I wan't a job where I can use my mind.