Is it possible to make cakes without using so much sugar?

All cakes, sodas, juice cartons and breads in stores are riddled with sugar, but why? You don’t have to go trough many studies on how bad they are for your health. Yet, the majority of products in the store has a lot of added sugar in them.

The food industry is going to great lengths to avoid the promotion of no sugar products.

Some products have removed the sweetness of sweet fruits and berries in order to get room for more sugar. WHY??

What is wrong with selling actual grapes. The sodas would be much healthier if they contained some fruits. Even the "healthy" alternatives don't contain fruit. If you see someone advertising zero calories you should run in fear. What did they do to all the healthy stuff in order to get zero calories? And... WHY??

Sugar free products are colored in different less appealing color and sometimes hidden in a sugar free section. WHY !!  Is it because they wan't to avoid having normal people buying it?

Sugar free products are priced higher than sugar products, even thou you have to add expensive sugar into sugar products.

Fear mongering about mixing sugar replacements. No scientific studies have ever shown a correlation between mixing of sugar alternatives and disease vs non mixing. Most people who buy non sugar products, do also buy different non sugar products. Wouldn’t they be in danger to? WHY?? in the...

Products with 20% or more sugar are marked as healthy alternatives. WHY?? wtf ppl.

Products with less sugar are marketed as the deviation from the norm, but it’s not normal to eat that much sugar. !!

Stop drowning me with sugar !!!

Some very obvious products don't exist.

Imagine if they used whole grains in a carrot cake instead of wheat. Ten used a little artificial sweetener to make up for the taste. There is recipes for how to make cheese cake with a lot of proteins, marketed all over the internet. But not a single one to be found in the shelves of a supermarket, anywhere in the world.

Moral dilemma about work

If there is zero need for employment, unemployed is the natural state. Imagine for a second all workers are replaced by self fixing machines. Everything is provided to mankind. You could not possibly get a job that was necessary. There would be no incentive to deny someone getting fed.

Unnecessary work

Before society you could hunt for food and feed yourself, the need for you to do that was 100%. As society evolved people divided into roles in a way that it increased production. Inventions accumulated to where production got so high there was nothing to do. This caused the emergence of the health industries, which further improved productivity. And not necessarily industries like service industries and eventually entertainment industries arose. We don't need these, but we want them. More and more jobs are now being replaced by machines. The accumulations of inventions continues, so eventually the amount of necessary work is trending towards 0. Like in a hypothetical scenario where machines do all the work.

The need for work is smaller

As we are somewhere between this utopia of no need for work and the "living hell" of the past. We do not need 100% work participation. Nor can we afford to have to many people not working. If we don't have enough necessary jobs for the people to go around, we cannot expect everyone to have a necessary job. And if we want everyone to take part in necessary work, we would have to split necessary work into smaller portions.

Should people feel shame they are not needed

If there is no more necessary jobs, can we expect people to have unnecessary jobs to be allowed to live? If they are willing to work, apply for jobs; but they are not hired. If there isn't any need. Is it really their fault? I think the fault lies with the ones distributing the work. Everyone can't become fingernail painters? Do we deserve fingernail painters? I say no. Our leisure is not worth more than theirs. I say we have no right to withhold basic needs when we have a surplus of it. The work done by the machines, can benefit the everyone.

What can you do if you don't have a job

There are other ways you can contribute, by doing volunteer work, arts and helping others. If you own a house you can refurbish it so that it is more worth to society, you are not going to live there forever. As long as you are doing what you can, nobody can really blame you.

Laws and regulation

Many countries actually have laws and regulations behind paywalls. This is incredibly stupid. If you don't know what laws there is, you can't follow them. This also makes it more difficult to start small businesses.

costs money to read the law


Science is a big one. Scientific research is mostly hidden behind paywalls. Each post has roughly 10-50 sources, which is also behind paywalls. Then those have 10-50 more sources. Lets imagine each scientific paper costs 30 dollar on average and has 25 sources on average.


- Checking all the sources for the paper would cost: 750 dollar.


- But to check the sources, sources would cost: 18750 dollars


- Lets say the average line to  find the data of the source is 5 hops. Fact checking one single scientific paper would cost: 292 968 750 dollars.

Obviously I'm being hyperbolic. It's not really that expensive and papers with to much flippy floppy sources, won't get peer reviewed in the better journals on the master journal list.

Science behind paywalls



A lot of people give their time freely to create free educational resources for their students. What often happens is that people who wants to make money go around schools to collect this material, filter trough it and publishes it under copyright in their own names. The motivation to create and share free education, is so large I can't understand. Why do people want to post school material under copyright and how is it still economically viable. In particular material for kids?

Educational material is often under paywalls

Entertainment - Movies and Music.

This one I understand, but it's still overpriced. People generally can't afford to watch movies as their hobby. Luckily this is improving lately. Free legal entertainment, has actually started to out compete with paid entertainment. So the change had to come and will have to go even further. Youtubers are stealing the markets of the old media.

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