Dont go full retard – Anarchists, communists, capitalists etc..

The mixed economies are the best economies.

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Most developed societies came to where they are now by accumulating small successful changes. Radical reforms rarely ends in improvements. No societies are purely communist, purely capitalist or purely socialist. Because the extremes does not provide the largest amount of benefits to the people. I think purists sound mostly crazy. I have trouble believing what they are actually saying, whether they are anarchists or communists. Seams like people LARPing in my mind.

A metaphor

Think of society as your daily routine. You wake up feeling tired you eat, work, eat, free time, eat, sleep and then repeat. Think you where going to fix the tiredness in the mornings. Do you think a smaller or a larger change would solve that best. So if someone said, to solve this problem you would have to change your cycle to. Eat, work, eat, sleep repeat. He would sound crazy. And it’s no certainty that it would benefit your mood in the morning, you might just get more tired.

But if you where to fix the problem of tiredness in the morning, you could try smaller changes. Maybe going to bed 20 minutes earlier, not eating or drinking caffeine before bedtime and such. These smaller changes would let you have the free time and maybe make feel better in the morning.

Lets apply the metaphor

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So lets apply this to society at large. Look at USA they are very capitalist and a result of this is that some people are left out. No healthcare etc.. But the solution to this is not to go full retard communism. A minimum healthcare act could solve that problem. The cost of the healthcare act would be returned in more able labor. So overall there would not be much if any cost to it. This because the small amount of labor required to give a person healthcare. 1-3 hours of treatment and some factory manufactured medicine is much less worth, than the potential 50 years the person will be able to work. So If America was a little more socialist, it’s economy would grow faster to archive their imaginary capitalist utopia. USA has 53 000 dollar per capital and no healthcare.

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If you look at the polar opposite China, it is very socialist. Because it’s so socialist, they have problems earning enough GDP per capital. This results in not having enough cash to help the people. So for China being a little more capitalist. They would have a little more money to archive their imaginary socialist utopia. Say they where more willing to buy western technologies etc. To allow more communications and let people create more global connections, that they can use to grow the economy. China has 9 000 dollar per capital and healthcare and education they can’t afford.

It’s like both countries have solution for the other countries problem. Both are doing one right and one wrong and could learn to do two rights. So when I hear these retarded kiddos that say dumb shit like #resist_capitalism or you are just a #socialist. I just cringe. They are not mutually exclusive.

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