Hypocritical media gas-lighting people. Excusing abuse with jokes.

Hypocritical media

25. February 2017 we clapped at the media under the hashtag #Gasthejokes. The mainstream media especially SJW I mean WSJ have attempted to smear PewDiePie as a Nazi, for making jokes. They took his jokes out of context and attempted to smear him. Basically the Medias answer to their attack and lies was “he asked for it”, which they unironically would not say to someone getting raped.


Watch PewDiePie’s video for reference.

The hastag did not trend

The hashtag did not trend or autocomplete on twitter. It is possible it was blocked by twitter employees. Another possibility to why it did not trend is that the algorithm don’t favor toxic content and spam. So maybe the messages was to similar or was auto censored for containing “you morons”.

Here are some memes of the mainstream media heroes.

I didn’t cover Ben Fritz, because he covered himself.

ben fritz wall street journal

Christopher Mims

The oracle of the truth and nothing but the truth. Everyone that uses the term truth is usually som kind of creationist or climate change denier. I have no evidence for that, but be your own judge.

Christopher Mims Wall Street Journal oracle of truth

christopher mims

Emma Ellis

Journalism can always be mixed with made up hit peaces and personal dreams. She failed to pop the popcorn thou.

Emma Ellis Wired

Emma EllisEmma Ellis

Mike Shields

Some journalists are making the memes themselves. But, I chose to remake it anyways. Imagine employing this guy.

mike shields lazy journalist mike shields

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