Stated clearly - Evolution education

Stated clearly courses is an absolute must for beginners in biology and for old guys. It covers the most recent research on the topic evolution and can serve as an introduction course. The combination between outdated and biased education in the US and elsewhere in the world. Has made Stated clearly series a god and necessary addition to humanity. Don't forget to visit their website  or drop something in their patreon box

Evolution and genetics

Many religious people have an interest in denying evolution. This is because of how they interpret their religious books. A simple way for them to avoid crashing reality, with their god beliefs. Is to think that evolution is the way that God made humans. An explanation of their beliefs, and not an alternative. Click play below for a masterful introduction:

The main artist

This project was started and is hosted by artist John Perry. He used to have a more aggressive approach which included crushing creationists online and on youtube. But he as many other great creators like Magnabosco and people over at the Athos project, calmed down and found a better approach to dealing with the worlds problems. He says himself he could not have been happier about his project. Read more about him on the websites about page:

I could not be happier with my decision to start this project. Dozens of people have since joined our team, many of them give their talents for free. Researchers in the field have contributed hours of their time, pouring over my scripts, answering my ridiculous questions over the phone, and analyzing my illustrations for accuracy. These include scientific giants like Dr. Beatrice H. Hahn who helped discover the origin of HIV, famous whale paleontologist Dr. Philip D. Gingerich, and many others.


Stated Clearly