Is it possible to make cakes without using so much sugar?

All cakes, sodas, juice cartons and breads in stores are riddled with sugar, but why? You don’t have to go trough many studies on how bad they are for your health. Yet, the majority of products in the store has a lot of added sugar in them.

The food industry is going to great lengths to avoid the promotion of no sugar products.

Some products have removed the sweetness of sweet fruits and berries in order to get room for more sugar. WHY??

What is wrong with selling actual grapes. The sodas would be much healthier if they contained some fruits. Even the "healthy" alternatives don't contain fruit. If you see someone advertising zero calories you should run in fear. What did they do to all the healthy stuff in order to get zero calories? And... WHY??

Sugar free products are colored in different less appealing color and sometimes hidden in a sugar free section. WHY !!  Is it because they wan't to avoid having normal people buying it?

Sugar free products are priced higher than sugar products, even thou you have to add expensive sugar into sugar products.

Fear mongering about mixing sugar replacements. No scientific studies have ever shown a correlation between mixing of sugar alternatives and disease vs non mixing. Most people who buy non sugar products, do also buy different non sugar products. Wouldn’t they be in danger to? WHY?? in the...

Products with 20% or more sugar are marked as healthy alternatives. WHY?? wtf ppl.

Products with less sugar are marketed as the deviation from the norm, but it’s not normal to eat that much sugar. !!

Stop drowning me with sugar !!!

Some very obvious products don't exist.

Imagine if they used whole grains in a carrot cake instead of wheat. Ten used a little artificial sweetener to make up for the taste. There is recipes for how to make cheese cake with a lot of proteins, marketed all over the internet. But not a single one to be found in the shelves of a supermarket, anywhere in the world.

You got HACKED!! (No I didn't, or did I ??)

There is a lot of malicious software out and going recently and you might get hacked. You are more likely to be hacked by some kid on the internet than American CIA. I'm sorry to break your wet dream of being hacked by a hairy ginger CIA operative. The most common methods as of today are using fake websites(phishing), links with software that abuse the authentication software and trojans from free software. I do not consider DDos a hack, a hack is when someone takes control of your accounts or hardware.

Tip 1 - Use two-step and wit to avoid phishing.

yoda meme starwars two step authentication

Phishing isn't really hacking per say, it's a short cut to get access to your account. Someone creates an exact copy of popular websites and send you the link. If you log in, instead of getting logged in. The hacker records your information. Then later he can use your password to compromise your services. The best way to avoid phishing is to use two-step verification. It's mandatory to use two-step on emails that you have used to register services. If your email gets compromised a hacker can reset all your password on other services. A really bad day.

Most browsers also use a verification service to check if you are on an authentic site. It's the green thing that appears in front of the url. Keep an eye on it especially if you are on a public computer.

Tip 2 - Avoid clicking short code links from people you don't trust.

meme your a special kind of idiot

Your browser is easy to compromise and the amount of malicious scripts out there; is limitless. The modern way of getting people to click on malicious links is by using short links with media that looks like it comes from a valid source. Be careful with what tweets you click on and from who. Some of the links abuses social media identification keys and cookies to gain control of your social media accounts. They will be able to change your passwords if you are using incompetent service providers.

Tip 3 - Get free software from the author.

meme free app

Go to the trouble to find the homepage of the program you are going to download. Make sure you use a link they give you, to download free software. It is very common to have free software libraries for you to download stuff. But they are often funded by adware and spyware and alike. These have security holes that hackers can take advantage of. Another easy trick to find safe and good free software is to look for software that is also available in Linux. This is because free in Linux usually means it's free like beer, also open as in free like freedom. In windows terminology free usually means you don't use money, but they get the money by other means. These services keep paywalls alive, because it hinders distribution of free software.

Tip 4 - Antivirus etc...

antivirus meme

An antivirus is not the saving grail of malicious software, like it used to be. You should have it, but never trust it. Antivirus software is bloated and intolerable. Sometimes it's better not having them. This is true especially on low powered machines, leave them as is. Always download antivirus software from the source. Many antivirus software's lie about catching viruses. They detect things that are not viruses to appear better than competitors. The best defense against malicious software, is not getting it on your computer. An antivirus is just a helmet, it does not protect you from stupid.

Tip 5 - Cloud and easy to remember passwords

meme the cloud toy story

Now that most is in the cloud, computer hacking is becoming less valuable. Security in your browser and your social media accounts is getting more important. Especially the passwords. One way of avoiding loosing your passwords to key-loggers is using a key-chain, the problem is that key-chains are only as safe as your key-chain. It's also easier to forget the passwords.

Tip 6 - Use different passwords


I recommend using different passwords for each service, and a way of making them easy to remember. For example if you have a base password which is the same, then you add some letters of each service. This will make it impossible to guess the other passwords. Choose a gibberish word of 3 or more random characters, that is not in the dictionary and 3 or more numbers, that are not your date of birth. (Not 1234,1111,1337 or 4242). You can take the first and the last, or even according to the numbers you picked. Now you can easily remember all your passwords. When you change a password, change all the passwords and chose a slightly different formula. You should change once in a while. Use a large letter and a symbol. It does not make your passwords much safer, but some services require it. It’s better to have it on all than to have inconsistency.

Here are two examples:

‘word”letters based on number”number’425F!stysplintF!stysplinter425F!stysplintwt425F!stysplintaf425
 ‘word”letters based on number”number’ 3638B!ringB!ringdtd.3638B!ringiei.3638B!ringcock3638

Stated clearly - Evolution education

Stated clearly courses is an absolute must for beginners in biology and for old guys. It covers the most recent research on the topic evolution and can serve as an introduction course. The combination between outdated and biased education in the US and elsewhere in the world. Has made Stated clearly series a god and necessary addition to humanity. Don't forget to visit their website http://statedclearly.com  or drop something in their patreon box https://www.patreon.com/statedclearly.

Evolution and genetics

Many religious people have an interest in denying evolution. This is because of how they interpret their religious books. A simple way for them to avoid crashing reality, with their god beliefs. Is to think that evolution is the way that God made humans. An explanation of their beliefs, and not an alternative. Click play below for a masterful introduction:

The main artist

This project was started and is hosted by artist John Perry. He used to have a more aggressive approach which included crushing creationists online and on youtube. But he as many other great creators like Magnabosco and people over at the Athos project, calmed down and found a better approach to dealing with the worlds problems. He says himself he could not have been happier about his project. Read more about him on the websites about page: http://statedclearly.com/about/artist/

I could not be happier with my decision to start this project. Dozens of people have since joined our team, many of them give their talents for free. Researchers in the field have contributed hours of their time, pouring over my scripts, answering my ridiculous questions over the phone, and analyzing my illustrations for accuracy. These include scientific giants like Dr. Beatrice H. Hahn who helped discover the origin of HIV, famous whale paleontologist Dr. Philip D. Gingerich, and many others.


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