Is it possible to make cakes without using so much sugar?

All cakes, sodas, juice cartons and breads in stores are riddled with sugar, but why? You don’t have to go trough many studies on how bad they are for your health. Yet, the majority of products in the store has a lot of added sugar in them.

The food industry is going to great lengths to avoid the promotion of no sugar products.

Some products have removed the sweetness of sweet fruits and berries in order to get room for more sugar. WHY??

What is wrong with selling actual grapes. The sodas would be much healthier if they contained some fruits. Even the "healthy" alternatives don't contain fruit. If you see someone advertising zero calories you should run in fear. What did they do to all the healthy stuff in order to get zero calories? And... WHY??

Sugar free products are colored in different less appealing color and sometimes hidden in a sugar free section. WHY !!  Is it because they wan't to avoid having normal people buying it?

Sugar free products are priced higher than sugar products, even thou you have to add expensive sugar into sugar products.

Fear mongering about mixing sugar replacements. No scientific studies have ever shown a correlation between mixing of sugar alternatives and disease vs non mixing. Most people who buy non sugar products, do also buy different non sugar products. Wouldn’t they be in danger to? WHY?? in the...

Products with 20% or more sugar are marked as healthy alternatives. WHY?? wtf ppl.

Products with less sugar are marketed as the deviation from the norm, but it’s not normal to eat that much sugar. !!

Stop drowning me with sugar !!!

Some very obvious products don't exist.

Imagine if they used whole grains in a carrot cake instead of wheat. Ten used a little artificial sweetener to make up for the taste. There is recipes for how to make cheese cake with a lot of proteins, marketed all over the internet. But not a single one to be found in the shelves of a supermarket, anywhere in the world.