Yousician? What is it

Yousician is a game that teaches you to play real instruments. You get lessons, feedback and to learn some cool songs. I don't quite know if I wan't to call it a game, tutorial or program. The instruments you can learn to play is piano and different kinds of guitar. The main feats of this program is it's simplicity and usability. It takes Singstar and Guitar hero type games, to a new extreme. Instead of flicking a flap up and down, you take out your guitar and play some riffs.


Yousician is pretty usable in the free version. It's not to limited and it is possible to play unlocked tracks without the feedback function after the limited free practice time runs out. The paid version is however a bit pricey. To play all instruments for a month you have to cash out $29.99. Compared to other games this is a lot and I bet the sales and profit would go up, if they pushed down the price. I recommend using the free version if you are only planning to play once in a while.


Yousician has managed to get a green interface, to look about right.  It has a balanced amount of lesson time and playtime and was very easy to set up. (I just turned down the sound to minimum on my amp and plugged it in the microphone slot. GooD HaCkEr) One thing I really did not like, was when you played to many wrong notes it stopped the song. It also had a very loud sound that almost gave me a heart attack.

(They are not paying me for this, I just like the program.. game... tuto.. something yes.)

To get Yousician go to their website and download for free. Yousician.com