A cool way to remember different passwords for different services.

I recommend using different passwords for each service, and a way of making them easy to remember. For example if you have a base password which is the same, then you add some letters of each service. This will make it impossible to guess the other passwords. Choose a gibberish word of 3 or more random characters, that is not in the dictionary and 3 or more numbers, that are not your date of birth. (Not 1234,1111,1337 or 4242). You can take the first and the last, or even according to the numbers you picked. Now you can easily remember all your passwords. When you change a password, change all the passwords and chose a slightly different formula. You should change once in a while. Use a large letter and a symbol. It does not make your passwords much safer, but some services require it. It's better to have it on all than to have inconsistency.

Here are two examples:

'word''2.1. letter of service''number'425F!stysplintF!stysplinter425F!stysplintwt425F!stysplintaf425
 'word''letters based on number''number' 3638B!ringB!ringdtd.3638B!ringiei.3638B!ringcock3638