Why not be a vegan

Vegan tax:

Many vegan products are more expensive than their non-vegan counterparts. Vegan protein powder is 12 times more expensive than whey in some companies. The meat industry is subsidized while much of the vegan isn’t. Why should you have to pay taxes for cheaper meat and then pay for the more expensive vegan stuff to. Also when the stores have offers they seldom have discounts on vegan things. So do incorporate the vegan products you feel like in your diet, but no need to go full vegan. Some vegan products are cheaper to make, but more expensive. We know the money aren’t going for moral causes, but in the pocket of some rich guy. Bitch please.

Vegan nutrition and bacon 😛

Vegan diets can be nutritionally complete and healthier than meat diets. There is a big but.. The effort you have to put in to be a vegan is high. You can easily pick up a frozen pizza and cook it to get a complete nutritional meal. There is no good vegan alternative frozen pizzas that you find in the store, that has a full nutritional profile. This makes even accidentally eating vegan products difficult. To eat vegan you have to cook much of the food from scratch and that takes a lot of time and is not a effective use of time. This has changed slightly, but we have to grasp the reality. It is fully possible to make vegan products that are tasty and is intentionally balanced for nutrition available. The vegan products that are made to emulate meat are usually shit. But vegan products that are made to be their own experience are usually good.


Vegan products are treated as special products in stores. They are not prioritized by local store owners. Often you find milk in the refrigerated area and soy milk at room temperature. So for impulse purchases the only good option is the normal milk, even tho soy actually tastes better over all. Stocking of these vegan products are also not prioritized so they are often sold out for months. Why would you even consider taking on the hassle of traveling to many different stores. If vegan products become more popular, this will change. Many restaurants does not provide sensible vegan meals.


Argument of absolute morality is one we often hear from vegans. A maximally moral person would be in a lunatic asylum. It’s morally wrong to kill an animal, but sugar comes from underpaid workers in Africa. And some of them are actually starving. If you want to be 100% moral you also have to give up sugar and all chocolate and all the other things that give you comfort. Forcing people to work and killing is not necessarily so different, the time they are forced to do something can be just as lost, as time being dead. Buying action figures, extra furniture and commodities, is also unnecessarily items that causes suffering. People have to work in order to make those things, time that could be rather spent living. Much of the labor for these gods are done by people who have to do them in order to get food on their tables. They can’t afford to buy the items for themselves.

Comfort and freedom:

Some vegans do not suffice with being vegan themselves, but try to force others to become vegan. This often by the use of social pressure or even going as far as trying to enforce laws that prohibits or discourage the consumption of meat. I believe that we should eat less meat, because it is objectively healthier and better for society. But unnecessary authoritarian laws should be banned all together, because they cause unnecessary suffering of human beings. Nobody should be arrested or prosecuted for meat eating or production of meat. I will probably never quit eating meat myself. People should have a basic freedoms and the ability to live with comfort. I might eat a vegan burger once in a while, but be damn sure I put bacon on that thing.


Sentience is an arbitrary definition you often hear vegans use.. It is also inconsistently applied. Say cockroaches engage in sentient behavior and can be trained as pets. They clean themselves and they show avoidance behavior to things that inflict pain. So implying they can’t don’t experience pain and suffering. “But but. They don’t have the same feelings as us” If someone had different feelings than you would not mean it was okay to kill it. If a human was born without feeling it would not be okay to kill them.

Your being a dick and it hurts your cause:

Being a picky eater hurts personal relationships. If you demand to eat vegan you are less likely to be invited to dinner and you cause extra hassle for the people affected. What if a meat eater demanded you made something of meat when he came to eat at your house. Having a personal agenda to eat less meat, when possible is a superior position to take. You also appear more empathetic and can easier convince others to eat less meat. If the encounters people have meeting vegans are negative, they will be shunned away and you would ultimately cause them to be less likely to become vegans. Most people do not wan’t to be present themselves as the negative thing. Make your encounters positive ones. Say you are 100% vegan and convince 0% to become vegans and if the average vegan convince 20% of a person to not become a vegan. Your effectiveness is 80%. If you are 90% vegan and convince 3 people to become 40% vegan, your effectiveness as a vegan is 210%. A whole 110% more vegans in the world than it would be otherwise, because of your life choices. I wonder sometimes if people think they will get poisoned by touching meat, just get a grip.

My workplace has free lunch and nothing about it is vegan, if they where to have vegan products it would higher the price. Nobody there is vegan, but if a vegan came it would be an extra hassle for the people who work with preparing the food.

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