A cool way to remember different passwords for different services.

I recommend using different passwords for each service, and a way of making them easy to remember. For example if you have a base password which is the same, then you add some letters of each service. This will make it impossible to guess the other passwords. Choose a gibberish word of 3 or more random characters, that is not in the dictionary and 3 or more numbers, that are not your date of birth. (Not 1234,1111,1337 or 4242). You can take the first and the last, or even according to the numbers you picked. Now you can easily remember all your passwords. When you change a password, change all the passwords and chose a slightly different formula. You should change once in a while. Use a large letter and a symbol. It does not make your passwords much safer, but some services require it. It's better to have it on all than to have inconsistency.

Here are two examples:

'word''2.1. letter of service''number'425F!stysplintF!stysplinter425F!stysplintwt425F!stysplintaf425
 'word''letters based on number''number' 3638B!ringB!ringdtd.3638B!ringiei.3638B!ringcock3638

The Skynet is here, AI is taking over.

The AI algorithms that has recently the last decade taken over the internet, is specially constructed to keep people engaged. It's competition for costumers, taken to the logical extremes. When you watch a video on YouTube, search for products on the Internet or chose a TV series on Netflix. The data is used to show relevant content and products. This is big business, but what are the costs?

Vote for Poop

AI causes echo chambers on YouTube and Facebook.

By only showing the content relevant to the topic at hand that other people liked, you are artificially creating echo chamber. Because they will only listen to talking points from the same side. I belive this has in large degree contributed to the current Trump vs Hillary popularization, that we saw before the election.  The people who liked Trump, where only showed content supporting trump. The people who supported Hillary, where only showed content supporting her. I think Trump supporter abused these algorithms to get their content out, in the end aiding Trump to secure the victory.

AI can help extremism

There are also other communities taking advantage of these relevant content formulas by creating echo chamber for white nationalism, anarchism, communism, and other extremes. They only need to make you watch one video and your feeds will throw more videos from these echo chambers. We can avoid this by allowing the algorithms to show videos that are popular, but have opposing views. The problem is that services do not want to do this because it can lead to consumer loss. And if they do it they will of course abuse it to show their own candidate in favorable light.


Kill yourself

AI can cause or encourage self harm

If a person has a dangerous disorder as obesity, drugs, pedophilia, cutting, bulimia, danger seeking or anorexia. If they click on one video of an anorexic person, they have that content more featured to them. The suggestion will be other videos of anorexic people, eventually this can normalize anorexia for that person. Everything that person watches becomes pro anorexia. This can make these disorders worse and much harder to threat. Once the person has recovered, this is still the content the person will see in his feed.

Murder and suicide

People seeking to harm themselves or others. As above these will have their content catered to their abnormalities and strengthen them. Ad-sense will also have some interesting interactions with these. It targets users with products they have looked at earlier. So if a potential murderer looks at products on a website that sells guns and decides it was a bad idea. This guy will not make the choice of becoming a murderer. But ad-sense will bring up the subject again, by putting the assault rifle on the website he visited. In some cases that might make him change his mind or start dreaming about it again.

Samsung U28E90

This is a piss cheap monitor, with high resolution and good colors. I don't know why they have marketed it to gamer's. Gaming is not the strong side of this monitor, but it does okay. It's better than tv screens for consoles, if that is what they mean with good for gaming. It has a bit bad side view, but not to an extent that you notice it in computer use, it's not really terrible. The stand is horrible thou, I had to find a "smart" solution for that. It has no tilt, so I had to improvise. It has a crass downward angle by default. 

Experience from upgrading

Going from 1080p 24" to 2160p 28" was a new world, thats 4 times as many pixels. There are not to much games and video that supports this yet. I wan't another screen to. But I'm saving money for now. A 24" with 144 hz would be fun to try. I am not gaming enough to justify it for now. This screen is very good for video editing and similar. The "gaming" technology makes it easier to use the mouse cursor and see changes faster to. So if you are one of the faster types, this screen will give you some comfort in your workflow. Not as much as getting a full gaming monitor. I can't be dissatisfied with so much for so little, but it's not top notch.