My initial thoughts on veganism

I looked into veganism, because I wan't to know as many true things as possible. Veganism was a lot more based than my first expectations. I have only meet bitter vegans, I used to see them as some form of 'literally toxic' people. Had fear of getting 'contaminated'. The strongest arguments, that in large part validated it for me; was environmental impact and health. I am not so concerned about the morality. Firstly they would probably categorize me as a spiciest. That means that I care about human life first. To some extent they are right, so I reduced my meat intake. The factor that separates humans from animals in my mind, is that I can reproduce with humans and/or their offspring. And my potential offspring can reproduce with their potential offspring. This is to the benefit of my linages survival and mankind.

The vegan tax

One reason I shy from veganism is the vegan tax. Many vegan products are more expensive than their non-vegan counterparts. Vegan protein powder is 12 times more expensive than whey protein powder in some companies. And then whey often offers a better nutritional profile as well. This is especially annoying, because the cost of of production is lower than with meat. To be fair to Vegans, franchise owners often prioritize sugary items, I've talked about that earlier. Another thing that holds vegan products down is the subsidies of the meat industry. That means I have already paid for meat when I paid taxes, so I'm going to enjoy some meat. Thank you for the taxes thou vegans 😛 But for farmers sake we should subsidize non-meat farming more. Because farmers are awesome. (And in Norway, we have to subsidize farming or we become Venezuela/unstable)

Vegan nutrition and bacon 😛

Vegan diets can be nutritionally complete and healthier than meat diets. It comes with some downsides that I'm to lazy or careless to overcome. Also I first care about humans and I think there are more important problems for me to focus on first to help other people. The effort required for veganism is high. A frozen pizza can be heated to get a complete nutritional meal. There is no good vegan alternative frozen pizzas that you find in the store, that has a full nutritional profile. This makes accidentally eating vegan difficult. To eat vegan you have to cook much of the food from scratch and that takes time and effort. Yes not that much, but enough. If Vegans wanted me to eat less meat, they could do the effort for me. They could make competitive products that end up in the shelves of my local store. They also need a alternative to bacon, not fake bacon. Just something preferably smoked, because it's the smoked taste that really makes it. Smoked flat salty beans, with bacon 😛 ? ?


Vegan products are treated as special products in stores. They are not prioritized by local store owners. Often you find milk in the refrigerated area and soy milk at room temperature. So for impulse purchases the only good option is the normal milk. Soy actually tastes better over all, but the store does not have it. Stocking of these vegan products are also not prioritized. I would not even consider taking on the hassle of traveling to many different stores. If vegan products become more popular, this will change. Many restaurants does not provide sensible vegan meals either. My workplace has free lunch and nothing about it is vegan, if they didn't have the lunch my salary would probably be higher. So again I'm paying for it.



Argument of absolute morality is one we often hear from vegans. A maximally moral person would be in a lunatic asylum. It’s morally wrong to kill an animal, but sugar comes from underpaid workers in Africa. And some of them are actually starving. If you want to be 100% moral you also have to give up sugar and all chocolate and all the other things that give you comfort. Forcing people to work and killing is not necessarily so different. The time forced to do something is as lost as the time being dead. Buying action figures, extra furniture and commodities, is also unnecessarily items that causes suffering. People have to work in order to make those things, time that could be rather spent living. Much of the labor for these gods are done by people who have to do them in order to get food on their tables. One bad does not justify the other, but If you chose all the goods you would have little for yourself unless everyone else also did the same. Not eating meat is of course morally superior, unless death was by natural causes.


Sentience is an arbitrary definition you often hear vegans use. It is also inconsistently applied. Say cockroaches engage in sentient behavior and can be trained as pets. They clean themselves and they show avoidance behavior to things that inflict pain. Tomato sauce contains remains of flies. “But but. They don’t have the same feelings as us” If someone had different feelings than you would not mean it was okay to kill them. If a human was born without feeling it would not be okay to kill them. We do justify killing humans when they are in a vegetative state. Even when we know some people are more conscious asleep than others are awake. So are they still sentient?


Vegans are dicks and it hurts their cause:

Being a picky eater hurts personal relationships. If vegans demand to eat vegan, they are less likely to be invited to dinner and they cause extra hassle for the people affected. What if a meat eater demanded a vegan made something of meat when he came to eat. If the encounters people have meeting vegans are negative, they will be shunned away and would ultimately cause them to be less likely to become vegans. Some examples on how people can look at their efficiency as a vegan.

Vegan are 100% vegan and convince 0 people to become vegan. - Efficiency is 100%

Vegan are 90% vegan and convince 5 people to become 20% vegan. - Efficiency is 190%

Vegan are 100% vegan and you turn of a person, that would have become 100% vegan. - Efficiency is 0%

So if a vegan is concerned about saving animals they might wan't to reconsider their approach. I wonder sometimes if people think they will get poisoned by touching meat.  If only vegans would bring their own food when they visited someone new or at least gave a heads up. Basically I'm still annoyed by some Vegan people despite seeing them in a brighter light now.

Arguments Vegans "never" use but could use

Agriculture puts pressure on animal diversity and as technology advances we might need those genes or be able to benefit from these genes. Either in disease fighting in humans, in GMO's for fighting pests that eat crops or for efficiency.

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